Education and training in Architectural Design has influenced the style and spirit of my artwork.  My sculpture and furniture investigate shape, shade, shadow and the effects of light on an object. Each  work is a continuous sculptural form that feature geometric abstractions, bold  colors, deep shadows and a depth of field one can visually step into.          

My Sculpture is comprised of a wood panel substructural form covered with an exterior acrylic stucco.  I apply a coat of waterproofing over the stucco and  complete the finish with exterior acrylic paint.   The completed sculptural form is strong and light in weight for size.  This technique allows for durability, flexibility and strength without the weight of steel.                                                                                                                                       
My Furniture is comprised of a wood panel substructural form covered  with fabric.  The  sculptural form is then coated with acrylic waterproofing, acrylic paint, and a  polyurethane finish.  The included table top is one quarter inch tempered glass.                                       

I have had a long association with the Sangre de Cristo  Arts Center in Pueblo.  I have designed many stage sets for theatrical/musical productions presented in the Arts Center Theater and  exhibited two solo shows of my paintings in the Art Center Gallery.  I have also painted the wall murals and designed many of the exhibits featured at the Buelll Children's Museum located on the Arts Center campus.                                                                                                                                                                              
I have been a self-employed artist/designer in Pueblo Colorado for the last twenty-five years.  My paintings and sculptural tables currently are exhibited at John Deaux Art  Gallery in the Union Avenue Historic District of Pueblo.  My studio and sculpture yard is located at 222 west Abriendo Avenue in Pueblo, a short drive from I-25 at exit 97B.   Visitors are welcome.