Longevity: With good maintenance my sculpture has an indefinite life span, 25 years at a minimum. The longevity of my sculpture is dictated by the maintenance it receives. For best color and surface appearance the entire sculpture should be re-painted once every two or three years. If the sculpture goes five years or longer without maintenance the surface will suffer sun and freeze / thaw damage that is severe, but not impossible to repair. With no maintenance, in 10 years the sculpture will suffer serious damage that would be difficult if not impossible to repair.

Sculpture Construction: My sculpture is comprised of a wood panel substructural form covered with exterior acrylic stucco embedded in a fiberglass membrane. I apply a coat of acrylic waterproofing over the completed stucco form and finish with three coats of exterior acrylic paint. The construction techniques I employ provide durability, flexibility and strength without the weight or cost of steel. Additionally, dings, dents,and minor damage to the surface of the sculpture are easily repaired with common building products.

Maintenance: Though built with exterior grade materials, a wood/stucco sculpture will require yearly inspection to determine surface integrity of the artwork. If a fissure is detected in the finish surface of the sculpture, acrylic latex caulk is used to seal the break point, a layer of acrylic paint is then applied over the cured caulking. For best maintenance and color appearance it is required to repaint the sculpture every two or three years. I use Benjamin Moore premium exterior, MoorGlo Soft Gloss, 100% acrylic house paint, a quart will be required to cover the sculpture. One can change the color choice at each repainting if that is of interest, a flexibility not available in other sculpture. Steel: If these shapes are of interest and a metal sculpture is preferred that request can be accommodated. Though a metal sculpture is of considerably greater cost than a wood / stucco sculpture, metal as a construction medium is possible.